Sunrise Tree Farm
Watch for the 10' candy cane poles!


Wholesale entrance: on Maxfield Creek Road

Retail entrance: on Kings Valley Highway 223

just south of Maxfield Creek Road

Watch for the 10' candy cane poles!


Getting to Sunrise Tree Farm from the NORTH:


I-5 South to exit 260 A - Salem Parkway.


Take the Salem Parkway through Salem to the Marian Street Bridge and Highway 22 / Ocean Beaches - Dallas.  Turn right.  There are 4 lanes.  Get into one of the two left lanes as soon as possible.  The two right lanes do not continue, but branch off to the right and into West Salem.


Take Highway 22 - go west approximately 10 miles to Highway 99W.  Take exit 16 towards Monmouth.  (You will go under Highway 99 W.)  Exit right to the cloverleaf.  Stay to the right.


Take Highway 99W - go 13.8 miles south, through Monmouth to Suver.  Turn Right at flashing yellow light onto Airlie Road.


Take Airlie Road 6.1 miles to Maxfield Creek Road, turn Left.


Take Maxfield Creek Road 7 miles to Sunrise Tree Farm sign, turn Left into the driveway for WHOLESALE ENTRANCE, ONLY.

RETAIL ENTRANCE: continue past the Maxfield entrance to the stop sign on Highway 223.  Turn Left.  Go 200 feet, turn Left into the farm.

Getting to Sunrise Tree Farm from the   SOUTH:

I-5 to Exit 228.  This is Highway 34/20.

Take 34/20 through Corvallis and Philomath.  Just west of Philomath the highway branches.  Stay right and keep on Highway 20 towards Newport.  5 miles west of Philomath, turn right onto Highway 223, the Kings Valley Highway.

Take Highway 223 about 8.5 miles turn right into the farm.


Continue past the retail entrance another 200 feet to Maxfield Creek Road.  Turn right.  Wholesale entrance is one half mile on the right.

Get Directions To:
24048 Maxfield Creek Road
Philomath OR 97370